Why lock content behind in-app purchases?

I considered making the game completely free to play, with no forms of payment whatsoever. I enjoy making games, and I enjoy seeing people play the games I make. Of course, a completely free game has a higher chance of being shared from person to person, and will likely reach a greater audience than a game with ads or purchases.

There’s one obvious reason for in-app purchases – developers need to be paid for their work.

But there’s something more deep than that, and it lies at the heart of how the capitalist system and free markets work. Money signals what is valued and what is not. People are willing to pay for things that they want. By paying for my game, not only are you rewarding me for the time and effort I spent, but also, you demonstrate your support for what I do, and that pushes me to do more.

So, not only are you paying for content in this game, but you are also supporting the creation of more content and more games. This is particularly crucial for indie game developers like myself, where I don’t have a salary and don’t have a budget. Every contribution is greatly appreciated as financial support, and more importantly, as a vote of confidence in my creation.

Who knows? If Path To Oblivion is successful enough, I may even decide to build games full time 🙂


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