Path To Oblivion

After 2 years, Path To Oblivion is finally here! Links to the app below:

Android – Google Play Store
iOS – Apple App Store

What happens when you take a simple puzzle game and push it to its limits?

I present to you:

Path To Oblivion – simple rules and extremely easy to pick up, but progressively more difficult levels (culminating in a level that was so hard that it even gave me, the level creator, trouble to solve).

Instructions – the tutorial level

Instructions – the tutorial level

The concept of the game: move left, right, up, and down, one tile at a time, removing tiles until the entire level is clear.

Seems easy enough right?

At this point, you’re already stuck. (More on this in the strategy and hints page)

And… you’re stuck (no diagonal moves allowed).

I’ve created some fairly difficult levels with only these yellow tiles (more on this in the Path To Oblivion design philosophy page), but to make things even more interesting and even harder, I’ve introduced other kinds of tiles as well:

Another tutorial level (you can’t get stuck!)

(The red tiles become yellow tiles after you move on them once)

With this, things can get much more complicated!

And if the hard levels weren’t as mentally stimulating as you had hoped, there’s some extra surprises in the bonus level set!

Since you’ve bothered to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, why not give the game a try?

Android – Google Play Store
iOS – Apple App Store

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