Level Submission

If you are interested in submitting a level, that would be great! It will be super cool to see how you build upon my creation, and I’ll have fun trying to solve your level. If I get enough (or really good!) level submissions, I may include them in a future update to Path To Oblivion.

How to submit a level

At present, I’m going to lay out a basic structure only. If Path To Oblivion really takes off, I’d even consider creating a level designer in the app!

Send an email to developer@silentzebra.com, including a spreadsheet attachment (I can work with most file formats) which uses the following:

  • 1 to denote a yellow tile
  • 2 to denote a red tile
  • Any number greater than 10 to denote a teleport tile. The first set of two tiles (because each teleport must have a location it teleports to) could be denoted 11 on each tile, then the next set of two as 12 on each tile, etc.
  • To identify where the player starts, you could add a comment on the starting tile, or colour code the tile differently, or put a star or “P” after the tile number, whatever works
  • Optional (makes my life easier): 0 to fill in empty spaces (where the player cannot move)

Example below:

Colour coding done with conditional formatting in Excel – not necessary. Note the comment to denote player start.

It is possible (even easy!) to create levels that are impossible to solve. I hope you will not troll me by submitting impossible levels. If I can’t figure out the solution, I’ll email you back and you can show me how it’s done. If you would like to include a solution path along with your submission, that would be great! Please include it on a separate sheet, or later on in the file, so I can give the level a try first without spoilers 🙂

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