Hard – 5

This is one of those levels that I thought wasn’t too bad when I created it, but after subsequently forgetting how I built it and replaying it again and again, I found it actually quite tricky. My preferred solution (having now forgotten my original solution) is to circle around all the red tiles in the middle first, to get to this position:

There’s still a small trick with the red tiles at the bottom, but follow the general principle of working from the outside in and you should be good. Also, there’s no way (I can see) to avoid creating an ugly-looking end somewhere, so don’t think you’ve messed up too early.

Hard – 3

The trickiest part about this level is the circled set of tiles below:

There’s no way to get around it; these tiles force you to create an end somewhere (or outright get stuck). My preferred path is to go as follows:

From this point on, you know where the end is. Just be careful not to create any more ends as you traverse back and forth in the middle.

Hard – 1

The key to beating this level is recognizing the same trick in Medium – 8: the formation of two red tiles separated by two yellow tiles is best solved by stepping on only one of the yellow tiles, then stepping back. For example, once you get to the below position, it shouldn’t be too hard to see a solution path.

Strategy and Hints

I recommend reading the general strategy before going to the hints for specific levels below.

General Strategy:

Hints and Strategy for Specific Levels:

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Bonus Levels

Why not post videos for each level?

I have a few recordings of me completing the levels, but I feel that it ruins the satisfaction and enjoyment if you are just copying someone else’s moves from start to end (more on this under design philosophy). With hints, I provide the solution for a few key challenging areas, and otherwise try to push you in the right direction, so that in the end, it’s still your effort and thinking that got you through the level.

Medium – 5

There are many solutions to this level. My preferred path begins with moving right first, then up, clearing the top area until you get to the below position:

Then clear the row below, getting to this position:

The rest should be fairly straightforward. You can use the principle of working from the outside in, looping around the outside first.