Bonus – 7

There’s a certain aesthetically pleasing pattern you can recognize here and apply – going in loops around the teleport tiles, avoiding leaving ends.

If you’re having trouble, I suggest tackling tile 7 first:

Then 8:

Then 6:

Then comes the trickiest part of the level: the stretch of blocks to the right of the two #3 teleport tiles. The key is to create a “bridge” of sorts from one of the #3 tiles, while clearing out all other tiles connected to the other #3 tile. You want to try to get to a position like the below:

From this point on it shouldn’t be too hard. Just be careful not to create any ends.

Bonus – 8

Oh man, this level. This level is really, REALLY hard. The hardest level in the game, by a wide margin, and that’s in comparison to other levels which are already hard! None of my playtesters (some very intelligent people!) could solve this level without hints. Even I (the level creator) have trouble solving this level.

However, as with most levels, there are multiple solutions here. The path I’m going to show is actually not the path I originally intended on creation, but rather what I discovered playing through it after I had forgotten the original solution.

Start by going down 3, right 1, then back left, and clear the red L shape, getting to the below position:

Now we’re going to go right to 2. Notice what we’re doing: creating a path that connects from the bottom up. We’re setting up for later when we hit the #1 teleport tile, clear the bottom of the level, and can then continue to clear the top part.

From 2, clear out the cluster of 4 red tiles, leaving the loop besides the bottom #1 teleport tile intact:

Next, we’re going to carefully clear out 3 red tiles, leaving one to the diagonal top right of the higher #3 tile, then move downwards:

Notice what we’ve done here: we’re setting up for later when we hit the #3 teleport tile. We want to be able to execute the below sequence, which is critical to avoid creating ends in the top right part of the level and in the middle of the level.

Next we’re going to clear the bottom right, before going to the #3 tile:

Notice the tiles I leave attached to the lower #1 teleport tile: it is done this way so that we can take the loop, clear the bottom left, and make it out on the bridge we created earlier. You can tell how much calculation and thinking goes into beating this level – you have to be looking way ahead while you’re planning your moves in what seems to be an unrelated section of the level.

And then we’ll execute the green sequence highlighted earlier:

All that remains is to clear the top, get to the teleport tile, clear the bottom, move along the bridge created earlier back up, and finish in the middle or upper middle.

I’ve been more generous than I initially planned, as I’ve given a path that makes it through all the trickiest parts. Perhaps I’ve taken away too much of the challenge already? Some part of me thought it would be fun to provide no hints and see how long it would take for someone to come up with a solution.

And with that, (assuming this is the last level you needed to clear), you’ve completed all the levels I’ve crafted by hand! Hopefully you had some fun amidst the frustration, and leave feeling accomplished at having beaten the most difficult challenges I could throw your way 🙂


Bonus – 6

Start by going right and clearing the snake-like section including the 2 and 5:

Then go left one and back, getting to the below:

We are forced to create an end; just make sure you can get to it from 3:

If you need a little bit more help: make your way to the below diagram and you should be in the clear:



Bonus – 5

The below should give you an idea how to go about clearing the first section:

The key is then to go to 6, not 5. Loop up and back around and make sure to clear out the tile below:

The last tricky part of this level is creating an end and leaving a path that allows you to get to that end. The below formation is one way to do it:

Bonus – 2

There are a lot of ways to clear this level.

One suggestion: clear all the teleports first. So this means going 1 -> 2 right away.

Then go back and forth in the top right, and then all the way down to 4: 

Next, directly to 3:

Loop around a little bit, then go up, to get to the below:

Recognize where the end is and this shouldn’t be too hard.

(Answer: the protruding red tile at the bottom)

Bonus – 3

I really like this level because it’s still a puzzle, using exactly the same components available in other levels, but feels very different from all the other levels. (I suppose you could dislike it for the same reason…)

Anyway, the key here is to recognize that (as with every other level in this game) you can use the process of elimination to remove situations where you’d be stuck. For example, if you went to 8 in the screenshot below, you’d eventually get stuck as there would be no way for you to get the remaining yellow tile and clear tiles 5 and 9.

So you have to go to 9. Now in the below position, if you go to 6, the 3 will not be clearable (or you’ll get stuck).

Follow a similar process of elimination and this level should be done in no time.

If you are up for it, you can try solving the level the other way (ie go to the yellow tile on the right first if you initially solved it going to the yellow tile on the left first).

Hard – 8

First hint: start taking one step to the right, and then one step back to the left:

If you need another hint, my suggestion is to go all the way to the right, all the way down, then all the way left:

If you recognize where the end is (answer: the bottom), this level should now be a lot easier (not necessarily easy, but easier).

Hard – 7

There are actually a lot of possible solution paths to this level, but the easiest involves making use of the loop pattern below:

It can be a bit tricky to identify where the end is in this level. Be careful with the line of yellow tiles third from the right. I usually create the end somewhere around there.

Hard – 6

There are really only two tricky parts to this level. The first is figuring out what initial path to take. Once you get to the below, you’ve solved the hardest part of the level already:

The other tricky part is… well not even that tricky, so I’ll let you figure out the rest.