Bonus – 3

I really like this level because it’s still a puzzle, using exactly the same components available in other levels, but feels very different from all the other levels. (I suppose you could dislike it for the same reason…)

Anyway, the key here is to recognize that (as with every other level in this game) you can use the process of elimination to remove situations where you’d be stuck. For example, if you went to 8 in the screenshot below, you’d eventually get stuck as there would be no way for you to get the remaining yellow tile and clear tiles 5 and 9.

So you have to go to 9. Now in the below position, if you go to 6, the 3 will not be clearable (or you’ll get stuck).

Follow a similar process of elimination and this level should be done in no time.

If you are up for it, you can try solving the level the other way (ie go to the yellow tile on the right first if you initially solved it going to the yellow tile on the left first).

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